Colombia - Sebastian Ramirez
NO. 79

Colombia - Sebastian Ramirez

Pineapple, Grape, Candied Papaya, Champagne


Processing Method - Experimental Natural

Varietal - Pink Bourbon

12oz Bags - Whole Bean Coffee

Orders are roasted on Mondays and Thursdays.

Only the freshest coffee arrives to your doorstep.

The Coffee

Our new Colombian beans come to us through Unblended, an organization that seeks to strengthen bonds and forge new relationships in every area of the coffee industry. From the farmer who grows the coffee all the way down to the guests drinking it in the cafe, Unblended believes that good coffee connects people and thus has set out to improve the coffee chain at every level. One way they are accomplishing this is through their Young Producer Program. Sebastian Ramirez, the producer of these beans, is an avid participant in this program, acting as a mentor to new and upcoming coffee farmers. As a part of the program, young producers get introduced to the many methods of growing and processing coffee, learn how to streamline their production, build a brand for themselves, learn about the coffee market in America, and have one-on-one conversations with seasoned professionals in the industry. 

Over his 12 years of experience, Sebastian Ramirez began experimenting with different fermentations while processing his coffees. Some level of fermentation occurs in every processing method. Because the coffee cherry is a fruit, it contains natural microorganisms that will break down into smaller enzymes over time. This natural occurrence, along with industry tools, is used to help break down the mucilage around the coffee bean. Outside of the naturally occurring fermentation, producers may add specific microorganisms to increase the fermentation and introduce flavors and aromas that wouldn’t have been there otherwise. Ramirez fermented these Pink Bourbon beans in a sealed tank with added fructose and lemongrass, resulting in a skyrocketing sweetness. We’re tasting syrupy notes of pineapple, grape, candied papaya, and bubbly champagne. A coffee like this, bursting with ripe flavors, is perfect for a pour over on Kalita Wave or V60.

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