Colombia - La Pradera
NO. 76

Colombia - La Pradera

Nectarine, Watermelon, Violet, Jam


Processing Method - Honey

Varietal - Geisha

4oz Bag.

The Coffee

There are many delightful coffees from Colombia, but every once in a while one comes along that truly stands out. And for us this year that coffee was La Pradera. Grown by José Hernán Quintero and his family, at 1700 MASL in the Tolima region this is a honey processed coffee and is grown in a micro lot of geisha varietals. This coffee is carefully washed, given a 12 hour fermentation, sun-dried on raised beds, and given a final drying in covered patios. This coffee is complex, yet balanced. Sweet flavors of ripe nectarine and watermelon give way to a delicate floral violet with a syrupy jam finish.

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