Ethiopia - Gure Dako Cooperative
NO. 28

Ethiopia - Gure Dako Cooperative

White Peach, Jasmine, Elderberry


Processing Method - Washed

Varietal - Heirloom

12oz Bags - Whole Bean Coffee

Orders are roasted on Mondays and Thursdays.

Only the freshest coffee arrives to your doorstep.

The Farm

We are delighted to bring this washed Ethiopian to our offerings. It is grown in the Agaro region in Western Ethiopia. Gure Dako is a small cooperative with less than 100 farmers in between 1990 and 2100 meters above sea level. They began their first harvest season in 2019 in the western highlands of Ethiopia in the same forests as the renowned Nano Challa cooperative. The area is known for its floral complexity and this offering is no exception with delicate jasmine and sweet elderberry. The florals are underpinned by ripe white peach which makes for a beautifully complex cup. This coffee’s mouthfeel is pleasantly silky, while the washed process brings a clarity that will appeal to those who enjoy a balanced, approachable cup that really shines in a filter brew.


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