Ethiopia - Arsi Refisa
NO. 26

Ethiopia - Arsi Refisa

Peach, Blueberry, Earl Grey


Processing Method - Washed

Varietal - Heirloom

12oz Bags - Whole Bean Coffee

Orders are roasted on Mondays and Thursdays.

Only the freshest coffee arrives to your doorstep.

The Farm

The Refisa Washing Station is located in the heart of Nensebo Woreda, and purchases from a total of 593 farmers delivering red cherries from Refisa, Roricho, Bulga, and Riripa villages. Located in Oromia, about 400 km south of Addis Ababa, Nensebo is two hectares and contains a mix of local coffee varieties, including wild varieties originating from the neighboring forests.

Ethiopia is a coffee powerhouse. It's the birthplace of the plant, the seventh largest producing country in the world, and one of the world's leading consumers of coffee as well. This washed coffee is a mix of heirloom varieties. It is grown between 1870 - 2200 MASL and harvested during peak harvest in November and December. The cherries are centrally processed at Refisa Washing Station using single fermentation for 24 hours and raised bed drying for 8-12 days.

This coffee is sweet, bright and full of fruity flavors. It has a light body but still has exceptional balance and complexity. We taste notes of peach, blueberry, and earl grey.

Arsi Refisa Mill

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