Rwanda - Kinini Natural
NO. 16

Rwanda - Kinini Natural

Blackberry, Red Licorice, Apple Drop


Processing Method - Natural

Varietal - Bourbon

12oz Bags - Whole Bean Coffee

Orders are roasted on Mondays and Thursdays.

Only the freshest coffee arrives to your doorstep.

The Farm

Kinini village is located just an hour north of Kigali, which is the capital of Rwanda. This spot is not only known for its stunning views, but its high elevation dwarfs even the well-known Lake Kivu region. “Kinini” means, literally “ this big thing right here”. It is the name of the collaboration of cooperatives seeking to pool their efforts to improve their lots. 85% of the members are women and are part of the IWCA (International Womens Coffee Alliance). This is a small village within a broad collective, while the quality is already great the potential is even greater.

This Kinini natural is somewhat of a rarity for a coffee from Rwanda. Traditionally, Rwanda produces washed bourbon varietal coffees which usually have rounded body and soft floral sweetness. This natural, however, intensifies that sweetness and gives us a more juicy body. The cherries are hand-picked and quickly delivered to the washing station and laid out to dry in the sun on raised beds where they are also sorted.

This coffee is perfect for spring and summer. With its big juicy mouthfeel and intriguing complexity, it will satisfy anyone looking for a fun fruity coffee. It's well-rounded body delivers great acidity, with notes of Blackberry, Red Licorice, and Apple Drop. It also has great depth and complexity, with the sweetness of jam.

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