Kenya - Kiangoi AB
NO. 12

Kenya - Kiangoi AB

Raspberry, Lemonade, Guava


Processing Method - Washed

Varietal - SL-28, SL-34

12oz Bags - Whole Bean Coffee

Orders are roasted on Mondays and Thursdays.

Only the freshest coffee arrives to your doorstep.

The Farm

This coffee is from the foothills of Mount Kenya in Kirinyaga County. The Kiangoi wet mill was founded in 1977 after the failure of the once-famous Ngiriama Coop. Today Karimikui represents 1,400 smallholders in the Kirinyaga Region. To create an exquisite coffee like this takes years of tenacious effort, dedication and pristine growing conditions. This coffee has a clean, light body yet is still very bright with a floral aroma. We taste raspberry, lemonade, and guava. The sweetness is balanced by the crisp and refreshing acidity. This coffee is very fruity and sweet. Anyone looking to find fun flavors in their cup will love exploring this coffee. 

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