Choosing Service: Series Introduction

When talking to folks about Loyal Coffee it’s not unusual to be asked the question: Why? Why did you open a coffee shop. Why didn’t you choose a normal job? Why does it seem that you are working an absurd amount of hours just to serve coffee?

The truth is, I also ask myself those questions. Working in the service industry is hard. It’s not exactly a normal life. We work crazy hours, often on our feet, for people who sometimes don’t appreciate what we do. Many in the industry are not validated by their friends or family for the hard work and passion that they have poured into their career. Often times there are no benefits or paid time off and yet, there are millions of people around the world who choose to work in this industry.

Don’t get me wrong, I love what I do. The truth is, I sometimes long for a more traditional lifestyle and also wonder why I choose to work in service. But it seems that no matter how bad my feet hurt or how tired I am after a 12 hour shift, my passion and love for the industry outweighs the struggle.


Why is it that so many people are inspired to work beyond the intense demands of the industry to serve others on a daily basis?


While going through the journey of opening Loyal Coffee, my team and I began to explore this question from the perspective of others in our industry. We asked other bartenders, baristas, and restaurant owners why they choose to work in service. We learned the path that many have taken to the service industry is incredibly diverse, yet there seemed to be a common moment in each person's story. A defining time where they choose service above the 9 to 5.

We’ve found these stories to be incredibly inspiring. Some are tragic, some are funny, but they all have an enlightening insight into why those in the service industry are doing what they are doing.


We are excited to share these stories with you which is why we are launching

the “Choosing Service” series on our blog.


Perhaps you are someone who loves going to bars, restaurants, and cafes. We want you to see the heart behind those who serve you so well. Maybe you are someone who is neck deep in the service industry, we hope to encourage and inspire you with stories from people who are like you.

Be on the lookout for videos, interviews, and great stories from those who have chosen service and have chosen to make their community better through their work.

Tyler Hill
General Manager, Loyal Coffee